We are a small family owned farm located in Wilmington, IL.

   We raise Heritage Bourbon Red, Heritage Standard Bronze and Big Breasted White Turkeys.
Our heritage turkeys are listed in the Ark of taste and are NPIP certified. All of our birds are pasture raised with plenty of room to roam and graze on grasses, alfalfa, and bugs. Baby day old poults (chicks) are available in the spring if you wish to raise your own or enjoy a Franzen Fresh Heritage Turkey for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year.
We also raise Ringneck and Melanistic pheasants.

Don't wait until the last minute to reserve your birds.

Call Chris at (815) 405-2713 to reserve now!

 Now taking Thanksgiving Turkey orders
This year Our Turkeys will be processed on Friday November 22, 2013
and available for on farm pick-up 11/23-11/24
Birds are on a first come first serve basis, So if your looking for a particular weight come early.

"Happy Thanksgiving"